Bulletin of the Karaganda university
Physics series. About journal

Иллюстрация ISSN: 2518-7198 (Print)

ISSN: 2663-5089 (Online)

Journal is registered in The International Centre for the registration of serial publications ISSN (UNESCO, Paris, France) ISSN: 2518-7198 (Print), ISSN: 2663-5089 (Online)


Publisher: Academician Ye.A. Buketov Karaganda State University

Languages of publications: English

Periodicity: 1 time per quarter.

Indexing: : Web of Science


The objectives of the journal are: development of international cooperation, promotion of interdisciplinary research at the current world level, increasing the availability of exchange of knowledge and professional experience between researchers.

Accepted for publication:

The editorial Board accepts for consideration original (never previously published, except for the materials of scientific conferences) works on the subject of the journal, representing new scientific results obtained personally by the authors of the article. Reviews characterizing the current state of actual directions of development of science and technology, reports on scientific conferences, materials of scientific discussions and reviews of new books are also published.

The editorial policy of the journal is based on the following principles:
- objectivity and impartiality in the selection of articles for publication;
- high demands on the quality of scientific research;
- collegiality in decision-making on publication of articles;
- availability and efficiency in communication with authors;
- strict observance of copyright and related rights;
- strict adherence to the release schedule of the magazine.

The topics of the journal include sections reflecting the achievements of various branches of physical science:

- Physics of the Condensed Matter;
- Thermophysics and theoretical thermoengineering;
- Radio Physics and Electronics;
- Technical physics;
- Instruments and experimental techniques;
- methods of teaching physics.

The journal does not publish:

- materials that do not correspond to the subject of the magazine;

- materials published by authors earlier in other publications;

- materials containing spelling, mathematical or other errors that cannot be corrected, as well as statements and hypotheses that directly contradict established scientific fact

Address of edition: Kazakhstan, 470074, Karaganda, st. Universitetskaya, 28

Scientific editor: Khassenov Ayanbergen,

Mobile phone: +7 701-515-9291

E-mail: ayanbergen@mail.ru

Executive Secretary: Karabekova Dana

Mobile phone: +7 701 531 4758

E-mail: karabekova71@mail.ru