Bulletin of the Karaganda university
Physics series. №2016-83-3

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  • Erbolatuly D., Buytkenov D.B., Tusupzhanov A.E., Kantay N. Investigation of polyurethane, modified graphite and heat-treated with different shutter speeds
  • Eremin E.N., Yurov V.M., Guchenko S.A., Laurynas V.Ch. Prognosis performance properties of metallic coatings
  • Zhumabayeva G.M., Zhukenov M.K., Tleukenov S.K., Dosanov T.S. About the problem of reflection of the electromagnetic TE-wave from the surface of the magnetoelectric crystal hexagonal system of classes 622, 6mm, 6m2, 6mmm
  • Ilyassov B.R., Alekseev А.M., Ibrayev N.Kh, Serikov T.M., Yedrissov A.T. The study of degradation of organic solar cells
  • Makhanov K.М., Ermaganbetov K.Т., Skubnevskyi E.V., Chirkova L.V., Arinova E.Т. Technology of introduction of nanoparticles of silver in green leaves and research of processes of photoradiation
  • Rakhadilov B.К., Skakov M.K., Tulenbergenov T.R., Wieleba W.К. Change the tungsten surface when irradiated by plasma beam
  • Soldathan D., Baimukhanov Z.K. Influence divalent a impurity Pb2+ on the defect formation in crystals K2SO4
  • Temirbaeva D., Seliverstova E., Ibrayev N.Kh., Ishchenko A. Experimental study and calculations of spectral-luminescence properties of cyanine dye


  • Akimbekov E.T., Musataeva A.B. One of the methods of practical training in the discipline of physics
  • Aryngazin K.M., Mussenova E.K., Seyssembekova T.E., Omarova G.S., Utepova A.S. Modern methods of dialectical logic and principles in physics