Bulletin of the Karaganda university
Physics series. №2017-87-3

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  • Aimukhanov A.K., Ibrayev N.Kh., Zeinidenov A.K., Yessimbek A.M., Yusupova Zh. Investigation of the influence of gold nanoparticles on stimulated luminescence of phenylamine 160 in ethanol
  • Aryngazin K.M., Arkhipov V.V., Kudussov A.S. Fundamental principles of physics and Finsler geometry
  • Kalytka V.A., Korovkin M.V., Vershinin G.A., Bashirov A.V. Mechanism of non-linear spase-charge polarization in solid dielectrics
  • Seitov D.D., Nekrasov K.A., Kupryazhkin A.Ya., Gupta S.K., Akilbekov A.T. A simulation of the helium diffusion in uranium dioxide crystals: a comparison of the interaction potentials
  • Sergeyev D.M. On a model of multiple andreev reflection at the interface «superconductor – carbon nanotube»
  • Uazyrkhanova G.K., Rachadilov B.K., Vieleba V.K., Uazyrkhanova Zh.K. Structure and mechanical properties of aluminum alloys AMC and AMG6 after plastic deformation
  • Uazyrkhanova G.K., Skakov M.K., Popova N.A., Uazyrkhanova Zh.K. Phase composition of 30 CrMnSi tempered steel


  • Kotlyarov V.S., Nussupbekov B.R., Ospanova D.A., Stoev M., Khan M.A., Karagaeva M.B. Determination of the diameter of the main steam pipelines of the supply pipelines of the Heat electric generation with a capacity of 325 MW
  • Tanasheva N.K., Schrager E.R., Sakipova S.E., Dyusembaeva A.N., Nurgalieva Zh.G., Karsybekov R. Research of aerodynamic characteristics of the wind generator on the basis of Magnus's effect


  • Kabdullinov A.M., Nussupbekov B.R., Khassennov A.K., Stoev M., Karagaeva M.B. Automated control system for casting process
  • Yakovlev E.A., Yugay V.V. Development and testing of high voltage power supply for study of plasma chemistry and combustion


  • Kassenova L.G. Virtual laboratory practice in physics for students of the remote form of training

    INORGANIC Physics

  • Rustembekov К.Т., Lazareva Ye.S., Stoev М., Fomin V.N., Kaykenov D.А. ThermoPhysics of new holmium-calcium tellurite


  • Haitao Liu, Baolin Yan, Chao Yang, Jikang Jian, Tateyeva A.B., Xintai Su, Baikenova G.G., Baikenov M.I., Satybaldin A. Solvothermal synthesis of BiOCl nanoplates with excellent photocatalytic activity for dye degradation
  • Abdykhalikova K.A., Yergalieva E.M., Chashkov V.N. The effect of the industrial zone on the chemical composition of some medicinal plants
  • Ordabaeva A.T., Akhmetkarimova Zh.S., Meiramov M.G., Khrupov V.A., Muldakhmetov Zh.H., Dusekenov A.M., Ma Feng Yun. Kinetics and thermodynamics of the process of hydrodesulfurization of Shubarkol coal hydrogenate
  • Baikenov M.I., Satybaldin A.Zh., Aitpaeva Z.K., Karimova A.B., Rakhimzhanova M.Zh. Investigation of the influence of electrohydroimpulse technology on physico-chemical characteristics of oil sludges