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About series «PHYSICS»

The Physics series of the Bulletin of the Karaganda University journal is published by the Republican state enterprise "Karaganda state university named after academician E. A. Buketov" (university E. A. Buketov KSU) since 1996.

As the separate scientific periodical the Physics series exists since 2004

ISSN (print version) - 0142-0843

Kazakh-language name/version: «ҚАРАҒАНДЫ УНИВЕРСИТЕТІНІҢ ХАБАРШЫСЫ. ФИЗИКА сериясы»

English-language name/version: «BULLETIN of the KARAGANDA UNIVERSITY. PHYSICS Series»

The transliterated name: "".

Since 2005 the Physics series is included into the List of the editions recommended by Committee on monitoring in education and science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the publication of results of dissertation researches. In November, 2012 the Physics series successfully passed a re-registration in Committee as the edition conforming to Requirements imposed to the scientific publications recommended by the Committee for the publication of the main results of scientific activity approved by the order of Committee on monitoring in education and science MOEAS of RK of May 10, 2012 No. 591 on physical and mathematical sciences.

The editorial office of the journal accepts for printing and publishes the articles according to the declared editorial policy and on other scientific directions and scientific specialties.

The journal is included into the Kazakhstan base of citing Joint-stock company of "The national center of scientific and technical information" of committee of science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (JSC NCSTI).

The journal extends on a subscription through the Kazpost Agency. Subscription index - 74616 is according to the catalog "Newspapers. Journals".

Periodicity of the edition 4 releases a year.

The website of the journal: vestnik.ksu.kz

Address of the editorial office: 28, Universitetskaya st., Karaganda, Kazakhstan, 100028, Academician E.A.Buketov Karaganda State University

Tel.: (7212)77-03-69 (interior 1026); fax (7212) 77-03-84.

E-mail: vestnik_kargu@ksu.kz

Publications are paid.

Editorial policy



The printing policy of the journal consists in reflection of a World join trend of fundamental and applied researches. Scientific works on urgent problems of basic and applied researches in the field of physics are published in each number of a series: physics of the condensed state, thermo physics and theoretical thermo engineering, radio physics and electronics engineering, technical physics, devices and methods of an experiment, physics technique.

Thus, the mission of the journal is to enable to the experts working in various fields of science and technology to exchange the ideas and results of the researches having a potential use in informational optical systems.


Edition of the Physics series in its activity aims in bringing to the general public results of the scientific research executed as in Kazakhstan, and abroad. The purposes of the journal edition are: development of the international interaction, assistance to carrying out cross-disciplinary researches at the modern world level, increase in availability of exchange of the accumulated knowledge and professional experience between scientists.

The edition takes cognizance the original works (earlier not published anywhere, except for materials of scientific conferences) on subject of the journal representing the new scientific results received personally by authors of article. Also the reviews characterizing the current state of the urgent directions of an advancement of science and technique, the message on scientific conferences, materials of scientific discussions and the review of new books are published.

The edition accepts both Kazakhstan, and foreign authors to the publication of the article.

The editorial policy of the journal is based on the following principles:

 - objectivity and impartiality in selection of articles for the purpose of their publication;

 - high insistence to quality of scientific research;

 - collective nature in a decision making about the publication of articles;

 - availability and efficiency in communication with authors;

 - adherence of copyright and related rights;

 - adherence of the schedule of a release of the journal.

Maintaining a high level of scientific publications is provided with the system of reviewing of all articles allowing to select the works containing the essential scientific results which are considering experience of foreign scientists and representing the interest to the world scientific community. Both foreign and domestic specialists in the scientific directions of the journal are a part of reviewers.

After completion of reviewing the written text of the review and a copy of the manuscript with remarks of the reviewer and scientific editor for completion are sent to the author. The date of its receipt and the subsequent processing are specified at article publication.

Edition has the right to refuse the publication of article on the basis of results of reviewing, discrepancy of article material to subject of the journal, and also at unsatisfactory quality of registration of the presented materials.


The subject of the journal includes the sections reflecting achievements of various branches of physical science:

- Physics of the Condensed Matter

- Thermophysics and theoretical thermoengineering

- Radio Physics and Electronics

- Technical physics

- Instruments and experimental techniques

- Methodology of physics


The articles accept in Kazakh, Russian and in English languages.

The author's materials presented for the publication have to conform to the following requirements: relevance of a subject, scientific novelty of a research, originality of a research problem and the applied research techniques, a high scientific and practical significance of the received results.

The edition on its current activity is guided by the principles of journal ethics. The editorial office makes own decision on an order and terms of publication of articles, proceeding from their scientific significance, scope of each release and a quality of a pre-treatment of manuscripts.

The articles of any author, irrespective of his place of residence, his nationality and the existence of an academic degree which presents the materials that are not published earlier and are not connected in publishing at the same time on any other edition can be published in the journal.

Reception of the articles for the publication in the journal is carried out in a constant mode. The subject of each concrete issue of the journal is defined by the thematic plan. All directed materials have to be issued according to Requirements to manuscripts.

The journal publishes the scientific reviews and full text articles.


The journal pursues policy of ensuring the maximal availability of the published materials. It is possible to get acquainted with the published materials on the journal’s website. Printing circulation of the journal extends on a subscription.

The publisher of the journal incurs all expenses on production and issue of the journal to the public. The payment for the publication of articles is raised from the authors. Reviewing is paid.

At procreation in other editions of the materials published in the Physics series of the Bulletin of the Karaganda University journal the reference to the journal is obligatory.

The free procreation of the personal materials published in the journal in the informational, scientific, educational or cultural purposes according to Art. 1273 and 1274 of hl is allowed. 70th p. IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Other types of use are possible only after the conclusion of the relevant written agreements with edition

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