Flow Behavior of Complex-Shaped Particle Mixtures in Rotary Drums: A DEM Study


  • Z. Berkinova
  • B. Golman




Complex shaped particles, powder mixtures, metal matrix composites, rotary drum, discrete element method, flowability, dynamic angle of repose, flow behavior


Metal matrix composites hold great potential as functional materials for energy conservation applications. These composites are manufactured using powder metallurgy, which involves the incorporation of fine particles with diverse shapes. Understanding the flowability of particle mixtures with varying shapes is crucial for optimizing industrial processes. This study focuses on analyzing the flowability and flow behavior of mixtures composed of alumina and aluminum alloy particles using the discrete element method. The particle shapes are modeled to closely resemble actual particles, and their flow behavior in a rotating drum is simulated. The upper and lower dynamic angles of repose, outlines of particle bed surface, particle displacements, and particle velocity distributions were analyzed to understand the flow characteristics of complex-shaped particles. The results reveal the influence of particle shape on the flow behavior of powder mixtures, providing valuable insights for process optimization and design.

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Functional Nanomaterials and Alternative Energy