Processing of organic waste by electrohydroimpulse method


  • B.R. Nussupbekov
  • M.S. Dyusenbayeva



spark discharge, fat, organic waste, shock wave, crushing, bone mass


The article considers the regularities, parameters of technology and installations for electrohydroimpulse extraction of fat from bone mass. To date, the growth of production and increasing its efficiency in industries
processing agricultural raw materials largely depends not only on raw materials and their quality, but also on the completeness of extraction of valuable components. Reducing the loss of the extracted product in production, for example, sugar, starch, fat, can significantly increase the yield of finished products when using optimal extraction methods and methods. The result is powerful hydraulic shocks with pressure pulses sufficient to break the bonds, retain fat cells in the tissue and destroy the cells themselves. This article discusses the technology of extracting fat from bones. The priority direction of technical policy in the agroindustrial complex, as well as in the light and food industries, is currently the development of a system of operational and promising measures to provide agricultural producers with high-quality, environmentally friendly, safe and highly reliable equipment. The dominant and extremely unfavorable production conditions force the manufacturer not to process, but to sell raw materials.

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